A member of Jane's street team.
This is a community of fans gung-ho to spread the word through grass-roots and online mediums. We want to make this a fun place for you to chat, brainstorm, and promote Jane's music and third album "Goodnight Company" in any way you like. If you're interested in being a Janiemonster, click the appropriate box when registering; or if you're already registered, update your user profile by clicking on "My account", then "Edit", then "Profile".
If you're not ready for that yet but want to participate in the forums, leave the box unchecked and you'll still be able to post. Click here to register and get started!
What do I do as a Janiemonster?
  • With tools like images, mp3s, pdf's that we'll provide, you might print and pass out flyers or post them to promote tours, give away sample cds on the streets, etc (good way to meet good looking strangers :)
  • Talk about Jane's music & videos in other music forums, conversations, social networks online or in real life. (tactfully, of course)
  • Use your creativity to brainstorm & work with each other to create something nifty
  • Jane often has ideas that she doesn't have time to realize, so you would act as her hands and legs to realize her vision
What's in it for Janiemonsters?
  • We will send you free stuff to thank you for your time and effort
  • Exclusive music previews, merch, guest pass slots, get togethers - just for monsters
We're so psyched to finally put a street team together, but since it's still the beginning stages; this platform may change as demands require. Feel free to chat with one another and post suggestions as we move along. We will do our best to make it fun. 
Want to join? Click here to get started.
Disclaimer: you may experience flashes of fever and/or bodily mutation. If tail stump grows or persists for more than 3 days, don't consult a doctor. you are official. muhahah.