2010 YouTube's Music page feature :: "Illusionist Boy"
2009 YouTube's Unsigned Pick  :: "Long Ago"
2009 1st Runner up Kollaboration - The Shrine, LA
2008 Best Recording Nominee - San Diego Music Awards
2008 Winner of Kollaboration - Ford Amphiteatre, LA
2008 Sony uses "Firefly" on Mylo, wireless gadget
2006 Sony uses "Freddie Goodtime" on Mylo, wireless gadget.
2006 Best Female Performer :: SD Honoring Acoustic Talent Awards
2006 Best Keyboard Player :: SD Honoring Acoustic Talent Awards
2006 Best of Performing Arts Nominee :: SD/LA Asian Heritage Awards
2007 Best of Performing Arts Nominee :: SD/LA Asian Heritage Awards

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San Diego Magazine 05.2011 :: Best of North County


TheOtherAsians, 05.2011 :: Interview on music, endurance, & family politics

... Go see Jane live, and don’t expect a performance. Instead, you’ll feel like you’ve known Jane since you were in diapers, and the two of you are hanging out in her room as she shares stories and music. The level of comfort you feel in Jane’s presence and her ability to connect with an audience is astounding...

Hyphen Magazine, 05.2011 :: Musical Crush

... Her latest album...was a labor of love. it ranges from electronica to funk to straight-ahead pop and soul, with a healthy dose of whimsy. The sweet girl-meets-boy pop of “ Goodnight Company” will charm your socks off...

A-Tunes.net, 03.2011 :: Critic's Corner

...There are a lot of singers that can make songs but Jane is an artist that makes music.
There’s a difference... 

MTV Iggy :: Listen to Illusionist Boy

..single-handedly keeping quirky from becoming a dirty word. Take the single “Illusionist Boy” from her forthcoming self-released third album Goodnight Company. It’s a rootsy, country-folk track sung in a rich, breathy voice with a lilt to it like sunlight glancing off water. It’s a little strange but there’s also something familiar about it you can’t quite put your finger on.

Jane Lui is beautifully original.
Nerdy-cool and stupid talented, she seems able to take any genre from dance pop to jazz as a starting point for her songwriting and effortlessly make it into something uniquely hers. Watch this adorable video for her song “Jailcard” and see what I mean. Sooo much geek chic! Latest, greatest music crush for sure. 

MTV Iggy :: Goodnight Company Album Review

...she challenges because she is the kind of musician who never seems to sit still. She’s always moving in the opposite direction from your musical expectations. But listeners willing to abandon their expectations entirely and just follow her lead will be rewarded. 

Glide Magazine :: 4 1/2 star Album Review

Unlike many unorthodox musicians who try too hard to prove their quirkiness, Goodnight Company succeeds because it thrives on textures and mood more than arrangements and production.

PledgeMusic.com :: Benji Rogers, Founder
(over $11,600 was raised from fans to fund album)

... Her bold and brilliant music, her attention to detail in not just the way she presents herself musically but also her use of video is amongst the best we have seen at Pledge.

Direct Current Music   "ranks easily as one of the year's best finds."
San Diego CityBeat Album Review   "...Lui has proven she knows how to put on a show.
PopTimes Magazine   "I can’t wait to review the whole album."
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