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Dao Jones
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Just trying to test out the forum since it won't let me reply to anyone else topics. :( So, Ms. Lui is pretty amazing, eh? :D Edit: Seems to work when I make a new post. I was trying to post in the "Introduce yourself" thread but it kept giving me verification errors. Wanted to share how much I loved the video another user, jacq is her name, I believe, posted on Youtube of you singing to a cute young girl. Such a beautiful video. Now I cannot stop listening to Ms. Lui's albums! :)
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Hi, everybody))

I apologize in advance for my terrible English, i was have not much practice =)

Me too think, than Jane is wonderful musician and she very much like music, on all her video I see a very honest, open and happy person who is engaged in his favorite thing in the soul, and give him full =) It's terribly inspiring, and just this awful nice to watch =)

I wish Jane preserve the sincerity, spontaneity and joy that can be seen in all her works =)


Almost all of it was written with the help of an interpreter, as My own knowledge of English can not express my admiration for all =)
So, forgive me if something is written incorrectly)) 
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Gosh darn it, I think Jane is one of the greatest musician-type people ever, and I wanted her to know that's what I think. Too gushy? Awkward? Goofy? Indecorous? OK, guilty. But I repeat it.

Have a great UCLA show Jane, and keep on keeping on! :)



Janiemonster Tom,

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