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Nimbus Flood


The mud of time

The flood of words

Some beautiful – some not

Some spoken hastily

Bake inside

An indolent flame

Cries out-loud (silently at times),

The things I’ve seen

The words I’ve heard

Pain I’ve felt and can’t forget

Even though I choose to Not – not remember

I sometimes wish I could forget –

Music- moves me

Your voice soothes me

Infuses me with life and liberty

Freedom comes and goes

I’m bound to it…,

I’m shackled with choices

The labyrinth of time

Of lazy minds

Of mournful words

Of sullen thoughts

Of salt filled wounds

Of simple souls

And tasteless tunes

All of these things

They disappear

Not just fade from memory

Or become obscured from view

Not merely subdued

By some rambling happy thought

Some inadvertent pleasure

That finds me, found me unawares –

Music, music and beauty in all its myriad forms

When my better self and natural ways

Are liberated – it is invariably music and beauty

Music and beauty rouses me

The sounds of beauty

And the look of music –

I see a tree sway in a mild way

The breath of nature dances through the leaves

Rippling the still waters of it’s otherwise

Stoic, stolid, slumbering existence

I hear her heave and let loose a sigh

Almost a cry – breathing in nature’s fresh breath -

Music, good music – your music invigorates me.

Season’s change – sometimes overnight

As the clock ticks music talks to me

A happy face – a joyful sound

A blithe spirit, I was not born with…,

Music, music and beauty in all its natural forms

Moves me and improves me –

Listening to the melody of “Firefly”

I hear the words although to me they seem

Almost superficial –

I just heard for the 1sttime your song today

And have left it playing in the background

I care not what the words are, or their meaning, for now…,

The music is heavenly and the rhythm friendly

Whatever it is you are saying,

I find it comforting and consoling!

I will listen closely later to better discern why?

Is it a Love Song?

Is it a tale of unrequited love?

Is a recollection of the reflection of some memory you hold dear?

No matter, not now at least –

There is a definite ‘human element’ to your song

That inside I relate to –

The gentle strumming

The controlled voice

The joy you’ve found and released

That comes to you when singing alone in your room –

Music is a language all its own!

There is music to your movements

Your gentle ways

You have found something

I hope you don’t forget from whence it came

That you might recall it, from time to time

And find, and give away again, and again to your audience,

To the waiting world –

Each one of ‘us’ identifies with the ‘other’

Either through similarities or contrast

Through shared visions

Or the fostering of new insights –

The look of your music – the images it conjures up

For me, when I close my eyes, ahhh!

The sound of your beauty

My subconscious must be interpreting

Your words – spoken softly, sung sweetly

In some way as yet unknown

At any rate, I am well pleased with your musical renderings

And wish you well, I greet you and salute you…,

A long life

Great happiness

The courage of your own convictions

And the freedom to change, assimilate and adapt

Your music is magical to me! 

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