Original Music for Secret In The Wings with Coeurage Theatre Company

Secret In The Wings by Mary Zimmerman is a show that uses a series of seven obscure fairytales as a structure to illustrate human condition and realization that perhaps we've grown up without knowing so. What leads us to decide which parts to keep or let go. How we treat pain, perversion, and all the escapes along the way in our sleep. I love this show because it does not hand-hold you. It isn't linear. You will be free to roam with meaning and won't always know what is happening. It shines a light on the strange, as the themes from these particular fairytales aren't always easily discussed - anger, cruelty, emotional blindness, abuse, silencing imagination.   Probably why they are less told.

Joe Calarco's version of this show is openly dark and brooding, with wit and scenic routes of a child's mind. Writing music for a show like this means there's a lot of play room. We would talk about what he's going for in a scene, I'd send him a test track, ask questions and nudge along til we land on a specific sound. We started in May and as time went on, this process got faster - One of the tracks is a cover of an old song written into the script, "Falling in Love Again" by Marlene Dietrich. I decided to give it a go without fully consulting him. Took out the lush, made it hollow, turned it minor.

"I'm not sure if this is what you're going for but..."
"It's totally not but YES ON THIS"  
Brands of dark-and-brooding unite.