the small things

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Hello everyone. I just felt like composing a small list of things that no matter what, make me happy. Feel free to add things!


The smell of thanksgiving dinner. the smell of home. the smell of wood burning. chocolate covered almonds. Artists like Norah Jones, Corrine Bailey Rae, Jane Lui's soothing music. Learning how to ballroom dance. Getting the last cookie at a bakery. A soothing cup of hot tea. The first warm day of spring where you can go outside in just a t-shirt. A hug RIGHT when you need it. A book assigned for a class that you actually enjoy reading.


Anything else? :)

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Smile and laughs other people have that comes from the heart. The ones that makes people forget all their problems and worries. Specially the ones that makes them think "life is great" :).

Kids that moves enthusiastically towards me when I arrive with the mail :).

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