San Franciso: Cafe Du Nord show!

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San Francisco!

Jane will be joined by the wonderful Melissa Polinar & Goh Nakamura at the gorgeous Cafe Du Nord!
all ages. 10 bones. great place. rad music. what could possibly hold you back?

what songs would YOU wanna hear?

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literally JUST found out I can make this show, and prohibitions on recording equipment or photos?  look forward to seeing and meeting some fellow fans

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I'll be 3000 miles away, but in the off chance it's being recorded, I second mimigee's Barkentine Interlude request. I've spent many nights on sailboats and the background creaking of the rigging in the song is so soothing to me! And it reminds me of all the old sailing movies. And Fireflies, but I can't wait to hear all the new songs!

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I'm buying a ticket, and studio had better not throw a wrench in my plans to be there! 

You know the song I always want to hear. I'd also love to hear Below and Snowboots, but I'm sure by then you'll have lots of new songs to play!

Also, if you managed to play Barkentine Interlude live I would be the happiest person ever.

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