Introduce yourself! How'd you discover Jane's music?

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So my name is Lauren, but a lot of people call me LK. It's kind of awkward sometimes because I'm not sure what name to introduce. I go to Michigan State University, I'm a senior, and I'm absolutely terrified about the future. Just living day by day!

- Writing
- Acoustic Music
- Diet Pepsi
- Photography/Videography
- California


^ doesn't take much to make me happy^ :P

I heard about Jane through some pretty cool KG Street Teamers. Favorite song is Illustionist Boy for sure!

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Hello! I'm Tom. My wife, Sophie (who Jane is a fan of, btw), my two sons (Nathan, 8 & Alex, 5) and I are from northern Virginia with the Shenandoah National Park to the west and Washington DC to the east.

I "found" Jane (hi, Jane) on the Kollaboration vid and now I love the song for-ev-ev-ever. Then of course as an avid Kina Fan, I watched the show at Lestat's (yay) and voila. Such an amazing voice.

I like family, friends (especially onliners), rivers and science. Photography (someday I'll afford a real camaera) and telling bedtime stories.  Both my wife and I work at George Mason University conducting research which we hope may someday benefit humanity if we are lucky.

I strongly dislike pretension and boasting about ones' self. If you have to tell us how awesome you are, you're not. 

I read the comments about not liking Jane's music at first and understand. I liked it right away, but I can't say I understood it well.  But it gets so much better each time as I start to wrap my mind around it. I think that's the best part. Like great art, you really need to study it more and learn about it.  Jane deserves so many accolades for not making it simple and straight forward. It's experiential and each voyage into her world feels slightly different yet easier to find your way through.

Oh, and my biggest flaw is I'm excessively wordy and terribly long-winded. (sowwy)


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i luuurrve seeing your intros!! hellloo all you lovely people!

just so you know, if you're a janiemonster, you have those demo tracks on the right column that only you can see. just for yoouuuu.

ciao for now!

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I'm Kevin Do :D aka whatever nicknames can fit with "Do" haha.

My hobbies are making new friends, listening to music, social networking, watching movies and sometimes playing video games.

I like music a lot :) Dislike really slow sounding songs only because they're kinda difficult to dance to, whether it be crazy or slow partner dancing xD
I like people a lot! :D New friends are something I look forward to making everyday as well as putting a smile on peoples' faces from close up to afar in another city or state. Dislike people who pick on others and are narrow minded to the point that I lose my tolerance for them haha >:D

My location is Saint Petersburg, Florida. :) We're the home of the Tampa Bay Rays who are mighty mighty awesome at baseball.  We're also the home of the Dali Museum, where fine arts and crafts of Salvador Dali are housed and protected. 

Let's I found out about Jane's music...

It all began when I like to browse through my subscriptions on youtube at like 1-3AM to find videos to watch (school bores me and I can't sleep unless I'm entertained).  It began off with watching Wong Fu Productions, which then led to David Choi, which then led to Clara C, which ended up at the promotional video for both the albums being released.

Yup :D I love Jane's Music ♥

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Hello! My name is Anjana :) 
Hobbies: Reading, watching short films/films in general, writing (not so good at it), MUSIC (jazz, oldies, bossa nova, and genuine pop music) 
Likes: traveling, film film film, literature, weird world facts, good restaurants, good friends, recently started getting into learning languages, art in general, 
Dislikes: Criticism (eek, not too fond of it), Change (in general), 
Location: Toronto (GTA)! Canadian! 
How I found about Jane's music? : Saw her Kollaboration promo video "Forever". Her voice simply stood out for me, and rest is history. 


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Gjermund is the name and Norway is the country I live in.

Photography, anime/manga, music, games(tv-/pc-/boardgames), beeing infront of a pc & ejoying life are the hobbies.

Unhappy friends, beeing tired, non-functional pc, and needing to hold onto something while standing on a bus are the dislikes.

I found about Jane's music like some of you people did, I watched the promo video for Kollaboration 2009. Since they all were great in that video, I wanted to know more about them, and what their music is like. I checked them out on youtube, and enjoyed everyone of them. :)

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My name is Mike, and I discovered Jane's music after admitting to myself that Im a sucker for any up and coming asian youtube artist.


At first I listened to Jennifer Chung only, then soon expanded my horizons to David Choi, then Jane Lui. Admittedly, I wasnt very fond of her at first. I'm not sure what it was which turned me off. I suppose how different and lucid what she sang about was. My best friend purchased both albums of yours for my birthday back in July and Im hooked.


I also have red hair, love new york city, have a cat named Midnight, love Christian rock bands despite my being Jewish, and am very tired. ^^

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Hi mike!
nice to meet :) 
really nifty to hear "not too fond of her at first", and the fact that something changed. I have gotten that before, where my music grow on people over time. sometimes i wonder if i was meant for these times of quick social tweets and immediate gratification. what can i say, i'm an acquired taste. :D glad to have ya!


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Thanks! ^^

It's interesting; although I do have my own personal favorites of your first two albums. Pigeon Woman, Blue Square, Marvelous, Widowmakers. and Im probably forgetting some tracks. x)

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Hi, guys.

I'm Sophie, a frenchie, and I fell in love with Jane's voice since I heard her on the Kollaboration thing (actually it was a video on youtube).

-I'm a music lover, but I don't have any memory, so I never remember anything (The title of a song, lyrics... sometimes the name of the artist lol)

-I'm messy as hell (In my mind as in my everyday life haha)

-I love to play music BUT I might be the baddest musician and learner you've ever met

-I like reading.

-I tend to experiment things while cooking

-I like to walk randomly in Paris and to get lost

-I love photography

-I consider myslef as a very open minded person

-I laugh really easily

-I cry really easily (when I'm sad, angry, nervous,... also when I laugh haha)

-I like to play football (or soccer, but in France we call it football) and basketball.

-I don't know lol


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hallo! ich bin moni-moni. :)

i love jane. and i love being her cheerleader whenever i can.  i also love yoga. and my family.

i don't love intolerance or hate.

i live in OB (san diego) - hippie-ville.  that's physically.  otherwise, i make great effort to live from my heart.

i disovered jane's music when jane discovered that we loved to hear her voice.  i'm sure she liked her voice before then... but, we were relentless when she started playing for us in our suite in college.  i have great memories of her and suzie suh (la reporter) harmonizing the "star spangled banner" in our suite's bathroom.  ahhh... 1997 was a good year.  :)

remember napster? and sir-mixalot?  "You betta check yo'self, before you riggity wreck yo'self!"

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hi hi! i'm erin. i currently hail from the east coast of central florida.

hobbies: traveling, all things musical, writing, nature, pretty things.

likes: rain, trees, cool accents, mustaches, a good cup of tea.
dislikes: money, such a pain.

found jane's music through the lestat's gig with kina grannis and david choi. what an awesome show! wasn't there inn on, but enjoyed on youtube. oh, technology <3

glad to be here!

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hello! i'm kyaw soe han (bobo). i'm from waco tx.
i think i'm funny. i am a thinker. i'm not very talkative.
it takes awhile for me to be comfortable around people

i like
:musical instruments
:having alone time

i dislike
:milk (i'm lactose intolerant)

i've been watching Jane's youtube vids.
then one day i saw her in kina's TC
then i was like "WHATTTTTTTTTTT"


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hi, my name is Hannah :]

- love eating, especially chocolate
- sleep, after i force myself into realizing it's not a waste of time
- love to read & draw, for fun
- am obsessed with harry potter & love watching the office
- dislike my anatomy (lecture) class
- represent: gryffindors, filipino-americans, and texans

and, i found out about jane through kina's Street Teamers <3

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herro! im haerie from new jersey

some stuff about me:
-i play volleyball, ice hockey, roller hockey
-i play guitar for my praise team at church
-im not a fan of cheesecake
-i love watching mystery diagnosis
-i am currently addicted to veggie samurai on the ipod touch

i dont remember how i found out about jane, but im guessing it was through kina.

also, im very upset that ill be missing jane's show in ny next month :(

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I'm Harold. All the way from Winnipeg, MB. That's in Canada. Hi!

I actually don't remember how I happen across Jane. Most likely through David Choi or Kina Grannis though.

I like photography and playing ukulele, but when I'm not doing that I'm a graphic designer/illustrator.

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My name is Misa, and I have no life for 7 months out of the year. I sleep for the other 5. I like noodles, japanese food, japanese things, and pretty music. I don't like yelling or natto.

I found out about Jane because at some point a very long time ago Kina played a show at Room 5 in LA. We arrived early to set up and the set before her was still on (Jane). I caught the last few songs and was blown away, so I very awkwardly bought a CD before I sat down to watch Kina.

A few years later when I was in New York Jane was playing a show in the city (at Gavin DeGraw's joint) and I gleefully went, though an annoying guy from work decided to invite himself along and then talk to me the entire time.

A bit later Kina told me she was getting together with David Choi and Jane (before the Lestats show or Kollaboration) and I was kind of surprised to see those two worlds colliding. (Fandom and family.) Eventually I whined about Kina getting to hang out with Jane so much when I liked her first, and Jane invited me to her next show in NYC with NLX. Then I moved to the Bay Area hoping I could go to more concerts, but she went to LA for the next year. :P

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yo yo!

i'm charmaine :)

i'm very easily amused and laugh at everything. i love eating and sleeping. i love sports, basketball and mma in particular, but i also like tennis, volleyball & football. i'm currently studying kinesiology.

i found out about jane through kina grannis..i think the first vid i ever watched was the forever cover with kina, dchoi and jazmin :)

i'm from a city called mississauga in canada, just outside toronto. but i go to school near niagara falls :)

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i'm sherina :)

i love..

- writing
- music
- sunsets
- rainy days
- good company
(and when it happens all at once = bliss)

i first heard jane's music after watching the kollaboration 9 video with kina, david, and the others. looked up her YT channel and fell in love with Freddie Goodtime and the whole vibe of the song. and the rest is history... i've been a fan since.

Joseph Bayot
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Hello hello =)

My name is Joey!

I love taking photos, tennising, cooking, reading, beatboxing, and many many other random hobbies haha

I'm from Jersey City, NJ, just outside of Manhattan.

I'm a member of Kina Grannis's Street Team, so I found out about Jane through her performance with Kina and David Choi at Lestat's. Their performance of David's "Won't Even Start" ALWAYS gives me chills:

Sooo excited! Go Jane!

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umm i like photography, music, sunny days with rain, and amazing food

not a fan of ignorant people or people unwilling to accept new things

Loc: Hawaii/ San Francisco

Discovering Jane's music: hmm i think it was the amazing Shir that told me about Jane

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my name is jane and i love chicken wings.
i also love hearing from you so get to it, buster.
random jane-o fact-o's:

1. still sleep/tour with my baby pillow. named dud-dud.
2. love circus music.
3. don't have a good hat head.
4. love peanut butter (crunchy!), but can't STAND peanut butter flavors on anything else.
5. forget to breathe sometimes.
6. cry when i write songs.
7. used to lie a lot.
8. wonder why Yanni ever existed.
9. rock at connect 4.
10. am allergic to most alcohol.


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