Showcased at CMJ, critics liken her to Cat Power, Fiona Apple, and Rufus Wainwright. She has opened for Jason Mraz, Kate Earl, Vienna Teng, and worked with Felicia Day (Geek & Sundry). She has toured US East & West coasts, EU, Canada, Japan, playing at Walt Disney Concert Hall, Ford Amphitheatre, Hotel Cafe, Rockwood Music Hall. Her videos have been featured on Virgin America In-Flight Entertainment, Huffington Post, CNN, YouTube's unsigned picks, MTV Iggy. Strongly connected to her audience, she raised $11,600 to fund her third album, Goodnight Company (2011 Best Recording Nominee - San Diego Music Awards).  

I'm told that listening to my stuff is like watching a Michel Gondry film. His stuff is whimsical, homemade, detailed oriented.... it's a huge compliment that I still hesitate at.. he's really quite a genius and I'm a weirdo about comparisons. I'm classically trained, but like the alphabet, you learn it then throw the rules away to make it yours. I like music, but I love sound. It's really invigorating to find musicality in things not meant for music: handmade music boxes, typewriters, service bells, jugs, suitcases, books, glassware. Some will call it a carefully crafted sound, I think it's just obsessive because I know I'm neurotic. I try to make my stuff feel lovable, enduring, and usually think too hard doing so and forget to eat lunch 3 hours ago.

As a kid:
Happy go lucky Loner. Spent all my time swimming alone, bicycling alone, listening to the radio til I fell asleep in fetal position (facing DOWN). I started singing alone, had imaginary friends, and occasionally got electrocuted. I was a class clown - lied & cheated - teachers thought I was a nightmare.. EXCEPT my music teacher. She had me conduct the fourth grade class choir competition, and somehow I think that was my first serious moment in life - we won! In your face hater-teachers.
Little Jane conducting
These days: 
My family isn't musical. So I don't know where I came from. For the longest time I was convinced of being adopted. Since then, I've loved developing my Youtube channel which changed my life, been crazy lucky to play in so many countries & make wonderful friends. I write, record, film, edit, produce, etc. Wearing so many hats as a huge learning curve that I've handled well, but it can be a very lonely process. So I'm gearing towards collaborations and crossing mediums for my next big project. And really, I just want to make stuff with my friends since instincts are so translatable between disciplines. My friends are great at what they do, have empathy, and are wacky & nerdy too. So currently, I'm taking my time with the 4th album/project/thing, scoring a musical, and getting into acting because it helps so much with songwriting. 

Q&A from FB (June 23, 2014). These are great questions, guys. Thank you.
Jackson 5 or solo: solo (this was hard. No doubt he was born to perform, but his stuff with Quincy Jones was just ridic-genius and truly timeless.)
Family Matters or Fresh Prince: Fresh Prince
Cake or pie: cupcake.
Ability to sing or play piano: oof. type/delete/type/delete. I'll have to say piano.
Protools or Logic: Logic
Major or Minor: minor
Current obsession: Benedict Cumberbatch & typewriters
How many typewriters do you have: 6
Vodka or Gin: I’m allergic to alcohol. Headaches like clockwork. But if i’m gonna pay the price, gin in a Pear martini please.
Giants or A’s: wiffle ball.
Fav color: orange and red tied.
Fav book: Daredevil - Echo, Vision Quest. Art by David Mack.
Fav car: Nissan Figaro
2 door or 4 door: 2 door 
Fav place to write your lyrics: while driving
Fav fast-food breakfast sandwich: egg mcmuffin
In-n-out or Five Guys: In-n-out. #3 with arnold palmer.
How do you like your eggs: Over medium
Do you eat/drink anything pre show: no, my nerves usually eliminate hunger for hours. I always get a mad acid stomach ache post-show, so I always down a half glass of Alka-Selzer water, then feel hungry and eat a cow.
Taste great or less filling: less filling tastes great. this has been historically true for me.
Bay area or LA: LA
Are your parents musical: Super no. There isn’t a syncopated note in their bones. The closest thing is my mom’s sneeze that sound like coughs, which I inherited.
Can you see why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch: YES but I’m disturbed by their cannibalist commercial. Crunch eating crunch will leave some serious neurological scars in the surviving crunches.
Savory or Sweet: sweet
Tacos or burritos: tacos al pastor
Sky diving or high diving (jumping into pool from high, gracefully): High diving
Ice cream flavors: salted caramel, cookies n cream, raspberry dark chocolate
Paper or plastic: paper
Velvet or silk: not a huge fan of either.. but ok with velvet if thin and black.
Battlestar Galactica, true or false: fraking true
Fold or crumple TP: fold.
How do you fit everything into the prius: I don't and usually am miffed about it

Who'd you rather have writing your bio?
Sherlock, Cumberbatch version.


Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles)
Ford Amphiteatre (Los Angeles)
The Shrine (Los Angeles)
Zellerbach Hall (UC Berkeley)
Hotel Cafe (Los Angeles)
Cafe Du Nord (San Francisco)
Rockwood Music Hall (New York)
Colleges such as: Carnigie Mellon University, Boston University, UC San Diego, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Riverside.
Channel "Luieland" - 3.7 Million Views
Duet with Felicia Day on mashup: Payphone & Some Day My Prince Will Come
Cartoon Medley (w/ Paul Dateh) & History of Non-lyrics with CDZA were a part of Virgin America's In-Flight entertainment.
"Amazingly Sexy..." - CityBeat
"Lui is a thinker..." - San Diego Troubadour
"...introspective, elegant, tremendous vocal talent..." - San Diego Music Matters
"...Quirky yet undeniably charming personality.. an absolute must-hear." - 944 Magazine