I'm home!! My bed's never felt this amazing. While the jetlag lingers as the finale of the travels, thought I'd better share. In a nutshell, it was amazing. From parts of the world that couldn't be more different from each other, I found a tremendous amount of kindness that threaded it all together. 



I'm in love with the fact that my music makes me travel, but i love the community of dorky/geeky/clever people equally, if not more. Sharing stories, yes. but also your mannerisms, handwriting, eye contact (or lack of), handshake… i notice them more than you might think. heee hee.

I have this policy: Open up first before expecting others to do so.

I say Hi, do my dance, & tell stories before expecting others to let me in. This worked WONDERS on this trip, and I'm so grateful to that ex who taught me this. Irony runs deep.

*taken by Joseph Bayot, dude in the blue shirt below.

Boston & NYC, beautiful. Shows were packed to the brim, and I had the most delicious ramen at a meet-up. I met a girl named Shirley, who interviewed me for her blog. She was surprised to hear that I was more influenced by people than music…. but i guess music is nothing more than the capture of humanness. Here is her write-up.

Then off to HK I flew (had the row to myself!). Spent time with mom & birthday with  family. That birthday cake was the niftiest spongy thing i've ever had. Months ago, I learned that I had a listener in HK who was also a well known TV actress, Fala Chen. It was a great surprise, and we decided to do a couple songs together at the show. We sang Tori Amos' "Silent All These Years" to a packed house in Canto & English, it was made famous in canto by the great Faye Wong years ago.

This was something sweet to me - I used to record this song on cassette over and over again when i was 12 so i could figure out the piano part by ear .. 'cause i hated practicing Hanon.


A lovely trip, I came home so happy, and ever so grateful.
... now it's your turn. May you do what you love daily.