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Full length feature on Jane and her way of over-coming obstacles in family, work, love!!

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New Tour Dates, Meetups in EU, & Tees!

Jane's headed to NYC - London - Zurich - Brugge with showdates & meetups! Check it!

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Hot off the press

Thanks to all the new Press (click!), so much love for the album!
I'm humbled and pretty darn thankful.

July 2011 - Best Recording Nominee :: San Diego Music Awards 2011 !!
June 2011 - San Diego Troubadour album review


I'm home!! My bed's never felt this amazing. While the jetlag lingers as the finale of the travels, thought I'd better share. In a nutshell, it was amazing. From parts of the world that couldn't be more different from each other, I found a tremendous amount of kindness that threaded it all together. 



I'm in love with the fact that my music makes me travel, but i love the community of dorky/geeky/clever people equally, if not more. Sharing stories, yes. but also your mannerisms, handwriting, eye contact (or lack of), handshake… i notice them more than you might think. heee hee.

I have this policy: Open up first before expecting others to do so.

I say Hi, do my dance, & tell stories before expecting others to let me in. This worked WONDERS on this trip, and I'm so grateful to that ex who taught me this. Irony runs deep.

*taken by Joseph Bayot, dude in the blue shirt below.

Boston & NYC, beautiful. Shows were packed to the brim, and I had the most delicious ramen at a meet-up. I met a girl named Shirley, who interviewed me for her blog. She was surprised to hear that I was more influenced by people than music…. but i guess music is nothing more than the capture of humanness. Here is her write-up.

Then off to HK I flew (had the row to myself!). Spent time with mom & birthday with  family. That birthday cake was the niftiest spongy thing i've ever had. Months ago, I learned that I had a listener in HK who was also a well known TV actress, Fala Chen. It was a great surprise, and we decided to do a couple songs together at the show. We sang Tori Amos' "Silent All These Years" to a packed house in Canto & English, it was made famous in canto by the great Faye Wong years ago.

This was something sweet to me - I used to record this song on cassette over and over again when i was 12 so i could figure out the piano part by ear .. 'cause i hated practicing Hanon.


A lovely trip, I came home so happy, and ever so grateful.
... now it's your turn. May you do what you love daily.


San Diego Magazine Feature

A full page mugshot in the beautiful San Diego Magazine May Issue! The photo begins the "Best of North County" section, promoting the May 25th show at Belly Up Tavern! Thanks SD :) Click for online article

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